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DM wire fences

DM Wire fences

The ideal solution when fencing off your terrain for the use of keeping big game, sheep, goats, livestock etc…

There is a choice between 2 kinds of posts:

*Round posts that are debarked and fabricated with Robinia (Acacia) and have a diametre of 10/12.

*Pinewood posts of 10 x 10 mm, dried and impregnated until saturation (cross serrated)

The posts are being installed with a mutual distance of 3 metres.

The wire fence is available for implementation in different versions and heights, ranging from 1 to 2 metres in height. There is also the choice between a delicate or rude mesh-like implementation.

It would be our pleasure to create a customized proposal for you.

They are installed by our professional and experienced workers, with the use of mechanical and laser guided material and the wire fence is installed with the use of a special machine.

The installment of electricity could be provided as an extra.