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About us

We initiated as part of Grondwerken de mol bvba ( where we ended up in the horse world because of the children. As a consequence we developed a deeper interest in various activities in the sector and we decided this was the place where we wanted to expand into.

As co-founder of FHE (, I have had the opportunity to further develop and acquire the necessary know-how, which lead to the desired result.

DM Fencing & gates emerged with the construction of the different tracks, track fences, horses and meadow fences and multiple wooden entrance gates.
We’ve independently approached the different disciplines and convinced our customers of our quality, service and passion, with ongoing success.

DM Fencing & gates wants to further distinguish itself by innovating in all possible ways.

The overall concept is highly valued by DM, because we are convinced that we are a permanent and stable partner in realizing and completing your project successfully.